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A V E C . B E L A F O N T E
P R O J E T . D' É T U D E

Primitive luxury

Primitive luxury turns out to be the association of a shell, a natural creation, and a brass rod, an industrial creation, by a simple wire like a primitive tool. We associate them as we used to associate flint and stick, there is no welding, no screws, no glue. The archaic aspect then continues in the gesture. The customer comes to put this "pan" on the stove to cook his food as near the fire in the past, reinforcing the rudimentary concept.

Luxury is revealed through meticulous work and a complexity hidden behind visual simplicity. Like the work of a jeweler, each gesture is thought out with a creative delicacy that stands out in the small details. The final object is no longer seen as a simple cooking object but as a real jewel placed on its burnt oak plinth. 
It is no longer the dish that sublimates and gives meaning to this object but the object itself. The dish comes to correlate, final touch to the object and form of symbiosis. 

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